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We provide complex logistics services, product services meeting the customers` needs, keeping stock records according to the customers` code, execution of FIFO guarantee, standard manipulation, quality management, sorting, electronic warehouse evidence, palletizing (assembling pallets), grouping, sorting and packing of consignments, signing for goods, labeling, foiling

  • Warehouse equipment: ramps, tempering
  • Handling equipment: trucks, stackers
  • Loading / Unloading possibilities: ramps, side, back-container, back-trailer
  • Clear height: 5 m
  • Total warehouse capacity: 2,000 square meters
  • Spare warehouse capacity: available on request
  • In capacity: 5,000 pallets / month
  • Out Capacity: 5,000 pallets / month
  • Price per m2 a year: available on request
  • Price per pallet space per year: available on request
  • Price per m3 per year: by agreement
  • Maximum pallet weight: 1500 kg
  • Types of handling units: cardboard, piece, palette

JIT-we implement Just in Sequence Method in logistic to deliver and ship in time and correct sequence.

JIS-we implement Just in sequence. This logistic process is the highest form of just-in-time. A supplier delivers components and parts to the production line right in time as scheduled before they are assembled.


Ing.Martin Janoušek
email: martin.janousek@steeltechnik.cz
CZE, ENG Phone: +420 602 489 329